Shinystable Dnd 4th Edition Season 2

Will reading of Hallomock Stromn

An interesting reading

We had all arrived back at Doval City from our last quest of killing the Demon Princes High Priest. Mika and Sha-Karn went to the hall and found a letter addressed to the Heros of Gundren Core because we are recipients of items from a will of Hallomock Stromn to be read in three days time in Fergus City.

We arrived just in time to gather where Milmes Bleak started to read the will.
“… A red ruby worth 2000 gold pieces to the heros of Gundren Core for services yet to be rendered, a wooden box with …” and an explosion happens on the stage where he was reading. In his place a immolith and near some villagers a number of burning corpses arose from what can only be assumed as the sewer. Just over a minute later villagers, the immolith and the burning corpse lie lifeless or became ash. Mr. Bleak’s son gets back on the stage and announces the reading of this will, will continue in a few days time.

Time to work. We waited for the small city’s guard to report what occurred and he seemed uninterested in securing the sewer to thwart future attacks. We surmised the corpses must have been from the nearest graveyard. However there were no signs of that there. We went to the hall of the city to get a map of the sewer as we would be entering it. There is no map of the sewer as it is ‘so simple no one could get lost in it’. We went to Mr. Bleak’s son’s office and asked for a copy of the will for clue as to who/what might have been after this small fortune Hallomock left. It will take days to copy this document. We then left and entered the sewer where we found….Next week


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