Shinystable Dnd 4th Edition Season 2

The silver sword

We climb up the sewer stairs to return to town. The lawyer’s son is directing the clean up of the stage from the catasophe that happened on it before. He tells us he has something for us in his office. We follow him there. He tessl us he would like us to ‘escort’ the rest of the items in the will to gaurd. As we accept this quest three drow burst into his office. They tell us to retrieve some spider queen symbol. Garl, Sha, Valandra & the drow are talking. The drow is intimidated by Sha. The drow leader has surrounded herself with his slaves and spider minions crawl in. A male drow swung it’s swoard at Val. A male drow swings it sword at Sha and hits. Sha hits the drow back with his amulet… We gang up on some slaves. The spider disappears in a black cloud. After we’re all restrained. The followers died… Garel says, “We have defeated your follower, lay down arms, leave, and come back in better terms.” The darkness was fading and the spider drow was gone. Mika talked to the lawyer’s son and tells him to rest. We rest at the inn, “The leaping Halfling”, in town at the lawyer’s son expense.

The next day we meet where the lawyer’s son will read the will with the people in attendance to ensure the items goto their rightful owners. Garel stands on top of the sewer vent. The fourth item has Lolth’s symbol on it. It is given out to a human. Later a Sunburst symbol (Woman’s face) is given to a Yen-ti (1/2 human, 1/2 snake, known for being a intermediate between humans and snake kind). Later we hear a loud draconic scream from the south. An adamantium dragon landed on a building next to us all. The lawyer’s son pulls a silver swoard and the dragon flys down and demands it. Combat ensues until the dragon has Geral under his foot and Benlot has the sword as he was going to take it away from the area. The dragon barters with Geral’s life for the sword. Benlot throws the sword at the dragon…


jacebenson jacebenson

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