Shinystable Dnd 4th Edition Season 2

The mugging

On our way to the inn Mika hears a commotion she things it’s a mugging. We check it out. We follow her to an alley. Sha Fire fro is really big/bright. The muggers (trolls) seem intimidated by the fro. During the combat we i.d. the mugged as “Baxe”, a dragon born. We beat them. They run away. Baxe run’s off. We just saved his life…

We continue to the inn. Call it a night and rest up. The next day Cham the innkeeper tells us Baxe was found dead… We eat are breakfast in disbelief and sorrow. Cham and a patron were discussing some sword that baxe was to retrieve to the family. Logan talks to cham after wards. Cham expressing concern about an impeding troll attack.

We sent a letter to the Burnn

We spen 1 week training the staff. Then we head out to the troll haunt.


jacebenson jacebenson

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