Shinystable Dnd 4th Edition Season 2

The Hydra

… The water is tainted. Four “heads” appeared in the sewer, Garel-Kai annilated them single handed. A large creature crawls on the walls next to Logan. It’s a spider beast elemental demon. It hits Logan. Garel-Kai Moves next to the spider, and oogled it. Mika shot some lightning at the spider. Shar oogles it and fire bolts the spider, but the spider dodged. Three medo demons arrive as well. Logan missed it with his fists of cobras. Benlot approaches and said “Look it was him” to the spider, pointing to Garel but Benlot missed. A mezo demon hits Garel. Clube give us cover with his natures abundance. The spider turns to Garel and hits him. Garel attacked the spider and missed. Mika healed Garel, attacked the spider and her Zepher attacked the spider. Sha hurls a conclussive blast at the monster and tehy are all hit. Benlot sang to Logan and took his daze from him. Benlot was hit by the spider and he attacked the spider back, but missed. The spider moved towards us. It attacks us and we all except Garel are dazed. Mika falls unconscious. Logan eats a berry and wakes up Mika. A mezo demon hits Garel. Benlot falls unconscious. The spider hits everyone except sha. Garl takes a potion and drinks it. Shat Bolts the spider. Mika heals Garel, he looks refreshed. Logan falls unconscious. A mezo demon attacks Garel, Clube, and Logan. It hits Clube and Logan. Benlot wakes up. Garel attacks a demon with his long sword. Mika crawled to Logan, helpless sap and shoves her berry seed down his throat hole. Sha bolted the demons. Benlot sings to himself. A mezo demon breaths on Logan, Clube and Garel. Clube cuts back at the demon with his jagged longsword. Clube is stabbed with a trident. Clube removes the trident. A mezo demon drops the bridge Clube was standing on. Clube falls in the sludge. Mika attacks and misses a mezo demon. Sha bolts and kills a mezo demon. The last demon attacks Clube and misses, Garel and hits and the zepher who is hit. Garel attacks the demon with his sword. He lops it’s head off.

Benlot casts traveler’s camouflage (+2 Stealth, -2 to find Traps). We our on our way (Clube, Benlot and Sha) on one side, and (Geral, Logan and Mika) on the other towards an abyssal portal gaurded by an abyssal hydra with four heads.

Garel runs up to the hydra, and casts Darkness, the Hydra can’t seem to hit him. Clube tries to but cannot lift a fallen bridge. Sha’s shooting lightling like nobody’s business. Logan is trying to hid the hydra but can’t. For every head lost it gains two. At one point it has 7 heads. Eventually Sha deals the final blow and the hydra falls. We seal the portal by having Logan, Sha, Mika, Clube and Geral taking runes from it.


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