Shinystable Dnd 4th Edition Season 2

Found the troll king

We are racing back to town as we had just seen an army of things leave through a portal back to town. Skill Challenge: Sha used nature and it worked with him to form an arrow in the grass pointing us in the right direction. Mika found an ant that knows it way… We found our way eventually.

We found our way back to Moonstar in four days. As we approach Moonstone it seems abdoned. We head to the garison. One of us saw the Troll King in there. As we try to pass quietly he hears us. We run cause we are very out numbered. He and his cohorts close in on us and surround us. He looks at us with his ruby eye and we all can’t see. It looked like he beamed a light at us. Our vision then went red, white then black. We all hear Mika saying “Hello?” and with that the torches appear and light to show us we (whole group + 2 random people) are in a circular room full of spiked walls….

Next game in 6+weeks.


jacebenson jacebenson

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