Shinystable Dnd 4th Edition Season 2

Enter the warrens

We approach the door. WE see a slit with a trogladite watching us. Sha blew up the door with a nat 20. Beyond where the door stood we see 3 trolls and 4 trogladites. We burned them all down but one. Benlot chased the one but lost him eventually. Benlot returns to the group. We throw the bodies in the river.

We head towards the direction the trogladite went as a group. We enter a room, like a barracks for trogladites and aberant stalkers. We killed all but on trogladite it then ran beyond the room. The group decided to head back to the main room and go the other way. Benlot disagrees but follows along.

The other way we enter a room that has a bone covered bear, what appears to be a troll with some powers, and 4 skull apparation things. The skulls burn us all quite a bit. We eventually kill them all and find a Mantle of Vines off the troll’s corpse. He was not the troll king. The troll king will have the silver sword.


jacebenson jacebenson

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